Herb Daly

Herb Daly of Wolverhampton University


           Education Update

                        Getting new blood into IBM i



Sam Dix of Macro4

We mare all finding it difficult to find and retain new, enthusiastic young talent to work in our businesses.  Ironically, there are a vast amount of students that are looking for just this… yet cannot find the industry connections.  I-UG has been looking for a ‘bridge’ to this issue for a long time, and now with the STEM initiative – and some fortunate links with key people – we are starting to make headway. 

In this session, Herb Daly – a university lecturer – and Sam Dix of Macro4 – a company already well down the road on this – will open up on both sides of this conundrum so we can all see how we can engage and all win.  There seems no doubt that by looking carefully into the successes so far, we can open up a great source of talent for our business, and the Colleges and Universities can gain access to real industry engagements.