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i-UG is Proud to sponsor TNMoC

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We’ll be at the event in the Expo Hall with some exciting and fun activities.¬† Let’s see just how much you know about the history of Computing.
There WILL be prizes…
Air Traffic Control Through The Ages
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Collossus - The Enigma Code Breaker

About the National Musuem of computing 

Mission to Conserve, Educate and Engage

Located on Bletchley Park as an independent museum, The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) brings to life the history and ongoing development of computing for the inspiration and enjoyment of both the general public and computing enthusiasts. 

TNMOC acquires, conserves, restores, and rebuilds historic computing machinery and related artefacts. The museum displays and interprets its exhibits to tell the history of modern computing, with a particular emphasis on British contributions. Many of the exhibits are maintained in working condition and regularly demonstrated, including the Turing-Welchman Bombe and Colossus code breaking machines from WWII, the Harwell Dekatron Computer, the world’s oldest still working original computer dating from 1951, mainframe computers and minicomputers from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, through home and personal computers of the 90s, to modern tablet computers and smartphones.

The museum runs a highly successful Sandford Awarded learning programme for schools and colleges that introduces computing technology and coding to young people, to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists and engineers. It also runs a popular ongoing programme of hands-on activities during school holidays, offers lectures and interactive events, both on site and via remote Internet access.

This is the perfect time to support the development of The National Museum of Computing through sponsorship.

Sponsorship can take a variety of forms including for specific projects and galleries. Our museum offers a number of sponsorship packages, Conserve, Educate and Engage, each with their own set of benefits, whilst helping us achieve our ambitions to protect our collection, Museum and fabulous education centre. –https://www.tnmoc.org/sponsorship