Blue Chip – Managed Services and support

At Blue Chip we keep businesses running, providing businesses with mission critical IT support since 1987.  With over thirty years experience in the industry we provide the infrastructure behind many of the largest brands in the UK. Specialising in mission critical systems through our Tier 4 data centre, Blue Chip provides the ecommerce backbone for high street retailers whilst managing 10% of the UK’s banking traffic, keeping business running all over the world. From hardware and hosting to software and support, we work to advance your IT – making it work harder for your business.

ESSIST – A refreshing alternative…

Looking for the kind of monitoring and support that an MSP provides, but without renewing, refreshing or relocating your current kit?  Then there is only one way to do this.  Essist plugs directly into your network and provides 24/7, Manned monitoring services with a whole selection of support options.  NOT an automated alert service, a full-blown, 24/7, Manned service… for so much less than you’d imagine.  Bridging the gap between Infrastructure and Application, Essist provides a holistic approach to monitoring your IT environment – IBMi on POWER, WINTEL, Linux, Application, Network…

24/7 manned monitoring, Tailorable support options, Systems and Database Management, Unique, Fully Audited Data Archiving software…

Essist has a long association with i-UG and is proud to support the IBM i Community in its cause to help the NHS.

HelpSystems – a people-first software company

HelpSystems has been a long time supporter of the i-UG in the UK for many years. 
HelpSystems is a people-first software company focused on helping exceptional organizations Build a Better IT™. Our security and automation software simplifies critical IT processes to give our customers peace of mind. We know IT transformation is a journey, not a destination. Let’s move forward.

SoftLanding – Powering Business and IT Performance

SoftLanding – a division of UNICOM® Global – specialises in software solutions for the IBM i and Power Systems platform. 

We help organisations improve the performance of their IT applications and business processes through enterprise-grade solutions that offer unparalleled levels of agility and scalability.

Our portfolio includes best-of-breed solutions for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Automated Operations, Performance Management and Menu Management.

If you’re looking to transform, modernise and scale your business – we can help!

SoftLanding is delighted to support i-UG through this COVID-19 journey and, in doing so, also honour the UK’s fabulous National Health Service.-

Redbourn – bespoke development for i

Redbourn Business Systems Ltd provides bespoke development, legacy application support and transformation, documentation, consultancy and training to IBM i customers.  We take great pride in the high-quality of our products and services, the value for money we offer and the commitment of our experts, all of whom have 25+ years’ experience.  We are world renowned for our CA:2E (Synon/2, COOL:2E, AllFusion2E) skills and we specialise in developing, supporting and modernising legacy CA:2E applications and providing classroom and ad-hoc CA:2E training and consultancy.  Redbourn specialise in bespoke and packaged RPG and CA:2E database solutions to commercial and not-for-profit customers.  Our product range includes Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock, Underwriting, Membership, Conferences and Fundraising.  If your application runs on POWER on IBM i, or legacy IBM iSeries, IBM AS/400, IBM System/38 or even IBM System/36 then we can document it, support it, enhance it and transform it for and with you. 

KFA for IBM mid-range 

KFA have been developing solutions for IBM mid-range platforms since 1988 and our team share more than a staggering 350 years’ experience.  We can develop new applications, modify and maintain your existing applications and help integrate new systems into your business, linking them with your existing IBM solutions.  Previous IBM i integrations have included Magneto eCommerce, BI Reporting, Oracle eBusiness, Siebel and numerous warehouse management systems.  We take on small pieces of development from small report tweaks to large changes introducing complete new system functionality.  Any solution we deliver will be thoroughly tested and will meet all your business requirements.  Our support team can provide 24-hour assistance for your IBM i support applications.  Talk to us about how we can provide a modern user interface for your IBM i applications?

Have ProtecTIER? Don’t panic. Dynamic Solutions International has you covered.

Do you have a ProtecTIER system? Are you aware that support for those systems ends in November 2020? Don’t panic. We have you covered. DSI was selected by IBM as the replacement virtual tape library (VTL) for IBM i systems. DSI and IBM can take you through the complete process of moving from ProtecTIER to a DSI VTL. During the pre-sale process, we will use a proprietary sizing tool that uses BRMS data to correctly size you DSI VTL. DSI VTLs come in a wide range of sizes, including virtualized, to fit any need.

Accelerate Your IBM i Application Modernisation & Digital Transformation Journey

Fresche is the leading provider of digital transformation enablement and application modernisation solutions for companies that rely on IBM i. Through the power of automated tools and experienced professionals, Fresche delivers innovative solutions that bring our clients the best, boldest ideas to modernise and better manage their business and IT Our professionals combine fresh thinking with technology and expertise to help fuel transformation and growth for our clients and their customers. With over 300 digitally connected people we bring solutions that drive innovation and IT success by recycling our client’s best IT assets to take advantage of web, mobile, cloud and AI – reducing time to market, risk and cost, making modernisation affordable to every IBM i client on the planet.

Rowton – Support, Consultancy, Installations

Rowton IT Solutions thrive on creating robust and simple solutions to todays complex IT problems. We have a highly skilled and motivated workforce that will guarantee the right solution.  Working with select vendors, such as IBM, we can offer competitive and cost effective packages tailored to suit your budget and/or business requirements.  Our knowledge and experience cover vast areas of IT including technical design, provision and installation of new hardware, software, technical engineering services, support services, IT project management, application testing and documentation.  We specialise in integrated solutions, that include but are not limited to IBM i, our skills allow us to design, install and support today heterogeneous environments with engineers certified in IBMi, AIX, Power Linux, Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, VMware and IBM Storage solutions.  We take pride in the fact that our first line of support will be all you need to solve 99% of your issues.

M81 – IBM i system management software

M81 = Independent Software Vendor specialised in the development of system products. The 3 products are :

(1) “FLASH for i” : manages from IBM i the INSTANT-COPY of your IBM i Production partition. The generated “clones” will be used to make hot backups (including Save21 and BRMS backups) or to run tests, preprod, extractions, anonymisation, recovery environments.

(2) “CONTROL for i” : enriches your monitoring solution (Nagios, PRTG or plenty others) with 100+ “checks” to control EVERYTHING running on your IBM i partition. 100% IBM i; no need to know Pearl, Java, …

(3) “RECOVER for i” : allows you to automatically make “incremental hot-backups” of your data (e.g. every 10 min.) and to export them offsite so that they can be automatically applied in case of a crash or database corruption.

These products are extremely easy to operate. 150 customers/resellers/integrators/MSP all around Europe.

Helping you to deliver the very best from your IBM i applications 

Are your IBM i applications no longer supported? IT staff responsible for your IBM i nearing retirement?

Do you have bespoke applications developed in-house or by third-parties that you can no longer maintain? Or maybe you’ve got a plan to ‘retire your IBM i’ in the next few years, but need help to support your applications in the meantime.

With a team of over 40 UK-based IBM i developers and specialists we can provide you with a flexible service to meet your businesses needs; extend the life of your IBM i applications; mitigate the risks associated with unsupported applications; and ensure business continuity.

We can provide anything from a technical help desk to system monitoring, additional staff resources to a fully managed service – and everything in between.

MKT Computers – Selling, Buying and Renting IBM hardware since 1999

For two decades MKT Computers has been trading IBM Power and Storage Systems, parts, features, upgrades and spares. With such experience comes an in-depth and intimate knowledge of each and every IBM machine type and model from the pioneering days of the S38 through to current P9. And that is all we do. Hardware. Only hardware.

From our well stocked technical facility in Brackley, each part is tested to the highest possible standards – giving our customers peace of mind and value for money. When budgets are tight, savvy end users have come to realise that refurbished hardware is a sensible and hugely cost effective option.

And we will buy your end of life hardware too.

Logicmate – IBM i Integration and Modernisation Specialists

Logicmate is a Software Development Company that offers a whole host of Intelligent business solutions, designed to enhance, modernise, simplify and complement your existing IBM i systems.

Specialists within the IBM i applications market, we provide a range of web & mobile application modernisation and systems output management solutions as well as direct support, implementation and training for all of our products and services.

We don’t think you should be held back by your legacy applications, so let our software products portfolio enhance and integrate with your existing systems to revolutionise your software – meeting the needs of your business for the future and beyond. Our IBM i software solutions portfolio can integrate with your existing systems to provide the right solutions for your needs.

Precisely is a new company with a remarkable heritage

We were formed when Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data combined, bringing together decades of experience and expertise in handling, processing and transforming data.
Syncsort specialized in optimizing, integrating and advancing data, enabling customers to extract value from their information wherever and whenever they needed it. Pitney Bowes Software & Data brought unmatched proficiency in customer information management, location intelligence, data enrichment and customer engagement solutions.
Precisely brings together the best of these businesses to create an end-to-end, mature product portfolio with a singular focus on data integrity – all so we can help our customers move forward with confidence. Today, we have 12,000 enterprise customers, including 90 of the Fortune 100, in 100 countries worldwide.

CYBERNETICS – Intelligence Driven Storage

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Yorktown, Virginia, Cybernetics is a privately held corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance disk, tape, and virtual tape storage solutions. Our product line features cutting edge technologies which have been rigorously tested to deliver seamless compatibility and solid reliability, along with innovative – and exclusive – features that provide greater functionality, data accessibility, and return on investment than any other storage solutions provider.

MNI Services have been providing IBM expertise to our customers for over 40 years. From System/36 to AS/400 through to the modern Power platform we work in development, support, monitoring, and making sure you get the most out of your system.
Our team is based in the UK, with offices in the Midlands and the East of England, supporting our client base around the world.
Whether you’re looking for a team to work with you full time, ad-hoc development, or just someone at the end of the phone as and when you need them, we can provide a solution tailored to your needs.
We work with customers who need a bespoke system from the ground up, those who want modifications here and there to keep up with business needs, or just those who want the day-to-day maintenance & administration of their existing product kept in hand. 


The M3 User Association – Run by M3 users, for M3 users.

The M3UA and i-UG have enjoyed a long standing relationship over many years. Many companies are members of both groups as the majority of Infor M3 installations run IBMi on POWER servers.

Find us online at       

The M3UA exists to enable and encourage information exchange between its members, and to represent their interests in all matters concerning their Infor M3 ERP solution. The M3UA is a founder member of the Global Association of M3 User Groups (GAM3), formed to develop and enhance M3 User Groups, to represent their interests with Infor, and to assist with the development of the M3 user community around the world.

Our mission is to help member organisations acquire knowledge and experience with M3 faster than they could do alone, and to promote changes in products and services related to M3 for the benefit of members.