Our company

M81 = Independent Software Vendor specialised in the development of system products. The 3 products are :

(1) “FLASH for i” : manages from IBM i the INSTANT-COPY of your IBM i Production partition. The generated “clones” will be used to make hot backups (including Save21 and BRMS backups) or to run tests, preprod, extractions, anonymisation, recovery environments.

(2) “CONTROL for i” : enriches your monitoring solution (Nagios, PRTG or plenty others) with 100+ “checks” to control EVERYTHING running on your IBM i partition. 100% IBM i; no need to know Pearl, Java, …

(3) “RECOVER for i” : allows you to automatically make “incremental hot-backups” of your data (e.g. every 10 min.) and to export them offsite so that they can be automatically applied in case of a crash or database corruption.

These products are extremely easy to operate. 150 customers/resellers/integrators/MSP all around Europe.

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