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Are you looking for the kind of monitoring and support that an MSP provides, but without renewing, refreshing or relocating your current kit?  Then there is only one way to do this. Essist will plug directly into your network and provide a secure, 24/7, Manned monitoring service with a whole selection of support options.  This is not some automated alert software, this is a full-blown, 24/7, Manned service… for less than it would cost you for a single, junior, inexperienced daytime operator!

By leveraging on our own, broad experiences, along with the experiences and day-to-day issues of literally hundreds of other IBM i users, Essist knows where to look, what to look for and how to spot the indicators of troubles to come.  With 92% of all issues trapped at this first-line level – and Alerted to the business – the vast majority of impending issues are dealt with way before the user is aware of the problem.  And it is not just the Hardware and Infrastructure that we monitor.  Essist has experience of key ERP Applications that run on the platform, such as Infor M3 and JDE.  …and of course, the whole WINTEL and LINUX estate that surrounds your IBM i and application is also watched over, monitored, tracked and reported on.

With 24/7 manned monitoring, Configuration support services, Systems Management services, Database management services and Audited, recoverable Data Archiving services and software, Essist can ensure that you get the very best from your IT investments.  Essist has a long association with i-UG and is proud to support the IBM i Community in its charitable causes.

And now, by leveraging the OpenSource capabilities of IBM i, we bring OpenSource pricing to our platform.  Getting started has never been easier… or cheaper.