Jon Paris

Jon Paris


The Latest in RPG

IBM’s recent V7.5 announcements included some welcome additions to the RPG language but even Jon couldn’t stretch a discussion of them out to 75 minutes! Luckily 2021 introduced a number of new features that most RPGers have yet to take advantage of so we’ll spend some time exploring those too. 

In this session, Jon begins by introducing you to RPG’s new SND-MSG op-code and the companion ON-EXCP extension to MONITOR’s functionality. 

Next we’ll move on to %MAXARR and other BIFs that enhance array support. 

Have to used %SPLIT yet? Most shops can find a use for this new BIF. 

Jon will also highlight a number of his favourite features from previous releases such as the new FOR-EACH op-code and dynamic arrays.

As always, Jon will provide practical worked examples of all of the features discussed.