i-UG Executive Stream

Invitation Only

Stream dedicated to Executive subjects

This stream is less technical and dedicated to Key user Management Delegates.  The sessions start at 11:00 and a description of each of the sessions is available in the Agenda below.  However, here is an overview:

Dispel the Myths

  • Why today’s hardware can be cheaper than paying SWMA and HWMA on your current kit.
  • The Storage Explosion – and the plummeting price of Compute and Storage
  • Considering Cloud?  Despite what the big boys say, is the Cloud the elixir of all life?
  • What is IBM doing to Protect you from Ransomware?
  • Flash Copy, SAN Replication, Cloud Backups.
  • IBM Finance… yes that’s right… It is free!


  • Where will our working teams come from in the future?
  • What is your User Group (i-UG) doing to address this watershed
  • The benefits of Student Recruitment/placement
  • How do we want to move forward?

Meet the Executives

  • New and upcoming hardware/Software to revolutionise storage protection
  • IBM i Roadmap into the future
  • Big wins for IBM and why you should be glad to be on IBM i
  • Presentation by User Execs 
  • Other IBM i Exec Stories