Mike Ryan and Steve Bradshaw


Dispel the Myths 

It often seems to be obvious, especially in times of tight cash-flow, that squeezing the asset is a good policy; and often that is the case.  But changes in the capabilities, functions and cost of newer technology can sometimes really upturn that point of view.

If you could look closely at the options available – options that will not impact business or force you to ‘Change Religion’ – you can often be pleasantly surprised.

In this session, we will cover: –

  • Some of the main ‘Game-Changing’ offering
  • Some cases comparing the cost of standing still to the cost of upgrade over a 3 yr period.
  • A Cloud vs On-Premise comparison – with some surprises
  • What is IBM is doing to Protect you from Ransomware?
  • What IBM Finance can offer Members… for free!