jon paris & susan gantner

Jon Paris and Susan Gantner


Modern RPG Editing Options


Let’s start out with a simple statement. 

SEU is ancient history and is not a suitable vehicle for modern RPG development!

So what are some alternatives? 

RDi from IBM has been the most widely used IDE option for many years among RPGers. We’ll start out the session with a look at some of our favourite features, including some goodies that are often overlooked.

We will then take a look at two other major players in the RPG editor stakes that are gathering their own fan clubs: MiWorkplace and Visual Studio with the Code for IBM i extension.

MiWorkplace is from Remain software and, like RDi, is Eclipse based. It has a significantly lower price-point than RDI while offering many of the same features.

The Code for IBM i extension for Microsoft’s free Visual Studio Code tooling is another contender in the race. This package produced from the open source project led by Liam Allan adds many IBM i & RPG specific features at a price point that is hard to beat – namely free!

We’ll demonstrate and compare these tools to help you to see what the buzz is all about.