Paul Tuohy & Jon Paris

Paul Tuohy & Jon Paris


Consuming and Generating JSON – RPG vs SQL

If you are not already processing JSON in your RPG programs, you soon will be. CSVs are so 20th century and JSON is by far the fastest growing data interchange medium out there. 

But what is the “best” way to process it? The two main options for RPG programmers are: 

1. RPG’s DATA-INTO/DATA-GEN combination, and 

2. SQL’s JSON capabilities

In this session Jon and Paul will start with a simple JSON document and demonstrate the basics of how to consume it with RPG (Jon) and SQL (Paul).

Once the basics of JSON consumption have been explored the dynamic duo will move on to discuss how such a document can be created. 

Just as with consuming JSON, RPG programmers can use native RPG functionality (DATA-GEN) or SQL’s JSON generation capabilities.

Jon and Paul will do their best to help you understand which approach is right for your particular circumstances.