Guy Marmorat


IBM i Security in the Real World

This tutor led workshop is exclusively based on personal experience of using IBM i and it’s built in functionality. Everything you will see and learn is built into the base operating system but make no mistake this workshop is way more than old school IBM i Object Security.

Our first priority is to make sure the most complete audit trail possible is available, with plenty of room for the system audit journal. Then we will go through the object-level security mechanism by example. Next we design an efficient security model and review user profile settings and attributes. Once we are comfortable with these principles, we will extend the object-level security to the IFS.

At this point we switch from the traditional 5250 command to ACS  Run SQL Script.  We demonstrate how to use the powerful SQL services to perform not only comprehensive analysis, but also to apply security remediations. Finally, we explore some tips and methodologies that can be helpful for bigger projects like “GDPR compliance” and “removing *ALLOBJ from user profiles”.