Dave Spurway


Tales of how IBM has been working to help in these challenging times

I had to go into hospital recently, which brings home how important the NHS is to us all. I thought I would therefore bring you a couple of tales of UK IBMers who have done great things to help in these unprecedented times. I’ll take you through how Sean Tracey took on the PPE supply issues with his 3D printer, and got a team together to make a real difference. Next, if one of your loved ones found themselves in a busy Nightingale Hospital, where no visiting would be allowed, how would you find out how they were doing? Kate Marshall and Sion Artingstall created a solution, which impressed the NHS so much they felt it should have taken years to produce, not weeks. And, finally, to bring thing back to IBM Power Systems, how will IBM Power help when we need to return to the workplace? Come along and find out!